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How does it work? 

After you download the app, create an account. You'll enter your personal information as well as the make, model, year, and license plate of your electric vehicle. 

Once your account is set up, choose the subscription that works best for your lifestyle. Each subscription lasts 30 days and will automatically renew each month.

To request a charge, select the “Request a Charge” button in the app and select an available charge time. Then tell us where your vehicle will be to receive its' charge.  A Currently delivery technician will notify you when they arrive. When your charge is complete, you will be notified again via a message from the app or a text message.​

Do I have to be with my EV?

Not at all. Currently is all about convenience. You are welcome to come out and meet your delivery technician and see how our portable charging system works, but it is not required. If we cannot access your charging port, will ask you to come to your vehicle and open it if it cannot be opened via your vehicle’s app.

How much charge can I get?

At the moment each charge delivers up to 100 miles. Currently will only charge your vehicle up to 80%.

Is mobile charging safe for my EV?

Yes! Currently uses SparkCharge’s Roadie portable charging systems, which have been thoroughly tested to ensure safe, reliable, and fast charging. Using Currently to charge your vehicle will not violate your warranty. 

Are there any additional fees? 

There are no other fees, simply your monthly subscription and per kWh cost per delivery.

Can I order a charge if I run out on the highway?

At this time, no. If you require roadside assistance, please contact your roadside assistance provider to receive care. 

How do I cancel a charge?

To cancel a charge appointment please contact 24 hours before the delivery. Cancelations after 24 hours or not having the vehicle at the set location and time of the appointment will result in a $10 cancelation fee. Extensive cancelations may result in the cancelation of your service.

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