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Currently Charges Past 1,500 Mobile Charging Deliveries

Boston - Currently announced today that they have completed over 1,500 EV charging deliveries to electric vehicle owners in its first 6 months of operation. The on-demand, mobile EV charging company has helped stop over 4,875,000 grams of CO2 pollution from being created. With over 65,000 miles of range delivered to Currently customers, the service/app is creating easy access to EV charging without installing a single charger.

Currently, the mobile EV charging app/service owned by its parent company SparkCharge, is having a huge impact on EV owners and the environment. The app allows EV owners to have their vehicles charged virtually anywhere and anytime for only $25 per month. Since its launch in June of 2021 Currently has generated some very impressive numbers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Dallas. “Our mission is to make EV charging accessible, convenient, and human. We could not be happier with the adoption of Currently in the markets we serve,” shared Josh Aviv, Founder, and CEO of SparkCharge. “And we are absolutely thrilled with the impact this adoption has created”.

“Currently is making life a bit easier for EV owners. In fact, we’ve saved our customers over $20,000 in charging fees and over 25,000 hours of time by eliminating the need to drive and wait at charging stations,” comments Luke Beato, Currently’s Director of Mobile Operations.

Aviv continued “Access to charging can mean a lot of things. Not everyone has a home charger or an EV charger where they park their car. Only 3% of condo and apartment complexes in America have chargers. For EV adoption to flourish, we need charging access for everyone. We serve the entire city with our service, ensuring that every neighborhood regardless of its income has equal access to charging.”

The charging service has dismissed the popular “gig worker” approach and opted to hire from the communities they serve. “We don’t have “drivers” we have Delivery Technicians, they learn how to troubleshoot problems, how to repair electronics, and of course customer service. We are giving our team the skills for a career, not just a job. Plus it helps us build incredible relationships with our customers.” concluded Beato. The Currently app is available on the Apple and Google Play app stores. Its parent company SparkCharge not only offers the service but also sells the mobile charging system, The Roadie to other businesses in the automotive, roadside assistance, on- demand, and utility businesses.

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