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How to Precondition Your Tesla Battery for Efficient Charging

Tesla makes charging your EV in the winter efficient and easy with its' preconditioning feature. Preconditioning your Tesla's battery before charging, helps your battery charge more efficiently. The colder weather can cause your EV to lose range, limit important features like regenerative braking, and charge at a slow rate. So here's how you can utilize your preconditioning feature when getting ready for Currently to come deliver your charge.

On the home page in your Tesla app, select the "Schedule" page. This page is where you can choose to have your battery preconditioned for charging or for just driving.

Let's say your Currently charging appointment is at 12:00 PM. You would select "Charge" in the top bar. Then select "Enable Scheduled Charging"

Then just select the time you would like your battery to be conditioned by. So, if your charging appointment is at 12:00 PM that is the time you select.

That's it! Your battery will be ready for its charge when your Currently driver technician arrives and you can get the added range

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