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How to Use Currently

Making the jump from a gas powered car to an electric vehicle can feel quite daunting, but you’ve done your homework and here you are, an EV driver. One of the biggest things to consider when contemplating making the switch is, how will you charge your car?

Not everyone lives in a home that has outside power, in fact many people live in apartment buildings and condos that do not have charging options at all. And even if a plug was available, the level 1 charger that comes with most cars, may not be able to recharge your new EV fast enough to meet your needs.

That’s one of the main reasons Currently was created, to give everyone convenient, accessible, ultrafast charging. It is the modern version of the milk delivery person but for your electric vehicle. But how does it work?

First you should download the Currently app from Apple or Google Play and set up your account. Setting up an account is pretty standard, name, address, your car’s make model and license plate and of course your credit card (did I mention it's only $25 a month!).

After that you just hit the request a charge button, pick the time you want, and enter the location where you want your EV charged. That’s it, you are pretty much done.

A Currently Delivery Technician will arrive where you want them at the time you requested and charge your vehicle for you. Depending on your car type they may text you to open the charge port on your car, which you can do on your car’s app.

You do not have to be with your car at all. A lot of people choose to have their EVs charged at work and they never have to leave their desks.

The Currently EV charging service is only $25 for an entire month of charging, there are no per delivery charges or hidden fees.

The decision on whether or not to get an EV becomes much easier when you know you don’t have to worry about charging. You can stay charged, save a lot of time and money by having Currently take care of your charging.

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