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Why My Dog Loves Currently

Updated: Nov 8

My dog Noodles hates when I go to work. He knows it’s coming. He gets his morning walk, a scoop of kibble, and a treat right before I leave. Then he’s stuck all day in our apartment waiting for me to come back. I leave the blinds open so he can watch his “TV”.

Most dogs love car rides, and Noodles is no different. I think he is happiest with his head out of the window and the wind in his face. He doesn’t like a car when it isn’t moving, and he’s quite vocal about this.

I drive an EV, a Tesla Model 3. I love the car, the way it handles, the acceleration, and of course what it does for the environment. But charging is a challenge. Neither my office nor my apartment has EV charging available, so usually, I have to stop on my way back from work at a charging station a couple of times a week. On average, I sit at the charger for an hour or so before I run out of patience. By the time I get home, I just want to eat dinner and relax, but Noodles isn’t having any of that. He just wants to play.

I used to stop home and pick him up when I go charging, but walking him in the Target parking lot just wasn’t safe and there aren’t dog parks near the chargers.

I saw on Instagram a post from Currently, that showed their van charging a car at a park. I dug a little deeper and learned about the app and how they deliver charging pretty much anywhere. So what’s $25 right, and I gave it a shot.

My first charge was two weeks ago, in my office parking lot. I didn’t know what to expect, I got a text from the driver letting me know he was there and I opened my charge port from my Tesla app. It was cool to not be trapped in my vehicle. When they finished charging, they sent me a message letting me know everything was all set.

I get home an hour early a few times a week, which is just insane. One hour of me-time, well, me and Noodles’ time is awesome. Noodles and I found a new dog park, and he loves it.

Currently is more than just an EV charging delivery app, it’s getting home an hour early. An extra hour that I get to go for a walk, read a book, or more importantly hang out with Noodles.

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