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You name the time and the place, and we'll be there to charge your EV. No installations, no waiting at charging stations, just schedule your EV charge delivery to you when and where you want.

Currently is the EV charging network that is everywhere you want it to be, at the click of a button. We enable EV drivers, companies, and entire cities to become greener places by delivering convenient, access to EV charging.

How it Works 

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Charge Anywhere

Charge at Home

Charge at Work

Charge on the Go



"I love how easy it is to use. It's affordable, fast, and makes my day easier."

- K. Burke
Dallas, TX

"An important 

service for 

EV owners!" 

- L. Kindle
Los Angeles, CA

"I appreciate the convenience & the team is lovely. I've enjoyed the support from Jason since we started."

- S. Jennings
San Francisco, CA

"Great service

great price!" 

- A. O'Connell
Los Angeles, CA
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